Want to improve your camera skills for your adventure? Continue reading for some smart tips for better travel photos!

Get Closer

Moving in closer to your subject of interest allows you to capture more detail in your shot. To do this, either zoom your in with your lens or move closer to your subject until you capture the perfect moment!

Proper Lighting

As a photography rule of thumb – know where the sun is. Shadows can obscure what you were hoping to highlight with your photo. Making sure the sun is shining on the subject of your picture, rather than behind it, will make your shot picture perfect!

Time of Day

The time of day determines the best lighting for your travel photos, but it will help you gauge crowds, too. For example, the sunrise is a great time of day for lighting, plus you won’t have to worry about passersby in the background. Golden hour is just right for soft, romantic lighting.

Take Vertical Shots

Did you know that longer images stand out on your social media feed because it enhances the interest of your overall photo? It also adds a variety of shapes and sizes to your collection, which makes it engaging for anyone flipping through your vacation scrapbook! 

Fill the Frame

When taking photos of scenery and landscapes, try to fill the frame when capturing your shot. The subject is readily identifiable to the viewer this way. 

Divide the Scene into Threes

Imagine the frame of your shot divided into thirds. A subject in the middle helps to focus on that subject. A subject off-center generates visual interest in the scenery behind it. Use the grid settings on your iPhone to guide you and have fun with it!

Emphasize the Person

If you want to capture loved ones on your travels, try to place emphasis on the person and blur the background, so they stand out. You can use “portrait mode” on your iPhone to generate that effect.

Make a Move

Don’t be afraid to move around until you achieve the perfect shot! Often an inch or two can make or break a photo due to lighting or angle.

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