Are Luggage Locks Really a Necessity?

Each year, thousands of passengers file claims against the TSA for lost items during their travels. But with over half of these claims denied, could it be time to take some preventative measures?

Luggage Lock Perks

Using a luggage lock not only makes it difficult for those pilfering baggage handlers, but it can come in handy if you want to clip your luggage zippers together to prevent having your unmentionables spill all over the baggage carousel. Another reason for keeping your luggage extra secure is so you’ll have peace of mind when making your way through busy bus or train stations. Some travelers also prefer to lock their suitcases at the hotel during the day to deter nosy housekeepers.

Luggage Lock Restrictions

Although a luggage lock can certainly make it harder for the casual thief to break into your bag –it still happens. If you think about it, there are probably thousands of results that would come up if you searched “how to break open a combination lock.” Even so, a thief would probably be more inclined to move on from your locked suitcase if there was another one without a lock nearby. Another thing to consider is the durability of your suitcase. For example, if you had a hardshell exterior, that would be much harder to slice into as opposed to a suitcase with flimsy fabric. Definitely, something to keep in mind before purchasing the more “fashionable” option!

TSA-Approved Luggage Locks

Should you decide to use a luggage lock during your travels, you’ll need to make sure it’s TSA-approved in case security needs to open it for additional screening. If it isn’t approved, you could risk the lock being cut right off your bag. To avoid this, be sure to check which luggage locks are TSA-approved before you buy one. Most Master Lock or Travel More combination locks are acceptable, as well as keyed luggage locks from Lewis N. Clark. You can even purchase suitcases that have TSA-approved locks built right into them –talk about convenience! Remember, if you’re traveling internationally, security might not all have the same master keys –so be aware of that as you make your way overseas.

Luggage Lock Alternatives

If you’re looking for other alternatives, zip ties do the trick at a more affordable cost. Be sure to pack extras in case security needs to clip it off for additional screening. Another option is plastic luggage wrapping. This is to ensure your suitcases are protected from scratches and getting dirty, as well as making it less of a target to potential thieves. Some airports even have companies that will wrap your luggage for you! Additionally, if an agent needs to remove the plastic, you might come across a company that offers re-wrapping services post-security.

It’s best to take some preventative measures to make the most out of your travel experience. We hope these tips help as you prepare for your next departure! For additional travel tips, or to set up a complimentary consultation, please contact today!

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