Also known as Middle States Commission on Higher Education, MSCHE is Harrisburg University’s regional accreditor. Each member institution, approximately 525, completes a comprehensive self-study every eight years. The self-study process guides the HU Community through the research-design, the development of the self-study report, and hosting a 2.5-day site-visit by peer educators and administrators over two years.   

The official kick-off for the self-study occurred on October 28, 2019, with the 2019 Self-Study Institute hosted by MSCHE in Philadelphia. Harrisburg University’s team of Self-Study Co-Chairs attended a variety of sessions over 2.5 days to learn about the processes, revised standards, and content expectations for the comprehensive self-study initiative.  

One Middle States expectation is broad-based community involvement in the self-study process. The HU Community uniquely excels in community commitment, as demonstrated through recent accounts of serving the HU students and colleagues over the past few months. 

Members of the self-study working groups pledge continuous information sharing and engaged participation through this Self-Study site as the HU Community conducts an exciting, reflective institutional examination driven by continuous success and innovation.  

Harrisburg University of Science and Technology


The Self-Study officially launches July 1, 2020, with a Self-Study Design approved by the University’s MSCHE Liaison, Dr. Christy Faison. 

Below are just a few ways to participate in examining HU and telling the HU Story.   

  • Contribute by answering the call and providing input to the working groups 
  • Provide feedback during the call-for-comments periods  
  • Update the working groups about new initiatives, advances, or changes about a functional area or academic program
  • Attend self-study briefings and informational gathering opportunities
  • Remain aware of the Self-Study’s progress over the next 18 months
  • Recognize completing the self-study report, and a successful site visit requires time on task
  • Contact the working group’s Co-Chairs or reach out to the self-study Co-Chairs, to volunteer as a member of a working group.

Helpful Information

Self-Study Design
Self-Study Leadership

Eric D. Darr, Ph.D.

Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer
Duane F. Maun, CPA

Provost and Chief Academic Officer
Bili S. Mattes, Ed.D

Associate VP & Chief Information Officer
Alexander C. Pitzner

Vice Provost for Institutional Effectiveness
Glenn Mitchell, MD, MPH, CPE, FACEP

University Registrar
Sandra Nelson, Ed.D

Director of Assessment
Penny L. Weidner

Assistant Professor of Geospatial Technology & Director HU Geospatial Technology Center
Albert Sarvis, PMP, GISP

Self-Study Workplan and Timeline
Communication Updates
Self-Study Design Submitted April 1, 2020
Self-Study Design Virtual Site-Visit May 19, 2020
Self-Study Design Approval June 30, 2020
Self-Study Launch July 1, 2020
Co-Chairs Monthly Update July 31, 2020 @ 11:00
Upcoming Events

Coming Soon…


Are you interested in volunteering to be part of the Middle States self-study process?  The full self-study process will take about two and a half years, and volunteer commitments can be short-term or long-term.  It’s important to have people from across campus, including faculty, students, staff and administrators, to take active roles in the process – we need everyone’s voice!  

Please contact Penny Weidner, Director of Assessment, at to volunteer.

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