September 21 – September 22, 2018
Pitch Date: October 20th


Code4PA is a codeathon that encourages learning, collaboration, growth, innovation, and fun among PA’s network of technical talent. Through a series of collaborative events, teams will utilize state and local data to generate ideas, designs, prototypes and/or apps to increase transparency and efficiency for public engagement with the government.

This year’s theme is to help Pennsylvania turn data into insights for the Opioid Epidemic. Participants will use a variety of datasets related to opioids and develop a solution to address one of the following challenge tracks:

  • Preventing Opioid-Use Disorder
  • Rescue – Saving Pennsylvania Lives
  • Ensuring Access to Treatment

Remember that codeathons are like marathons. Some people go to compete, but most people take part to better themselves, help their community and have fun. Whatever the reason is you’re at our codeathon, uphold the coder spirit of learning and teaching by collaborating with other teams, helping beginners, and having fun.


Utilize data from the open data portal to generate ideas that will enhance public engagement, increase transparency into trending of state data for greater innovation and use of technology.

More datasets are in process of being published for the event, check out the list of actively engaged datasets in process HERE.

It is not required to utilize a use case for the Codeathon event, these are to assist with team challenges.


A Grand Prize of recognition with the Governor’s Office will be awarded as well as other additional specialty awards.



What is Code4PA?
Code4PA is a chance to collaborate and meet new people, learn new technology, build prototypes and apps and have fun. Everyone is welcome – programmers, developers, designers, project managers and others alike.


This year’s theme is to help Pennsylvania turn data into insights for the opioid Epidemic. Participants will use a variety of datasets at least one from the PA Open Data Portal and any other open dataset related to opioids may be integrated to develop a solution that will help Pennsylvania address the Opioid Epidemic. Bring all your ideas, be creative, think big, think innovatively, and develop your life-changing idea.


I have never been to a codeathon before, what should I do?
We love first time coders! We will be providing mentors during the codeathon and running workshops. Come ready to learn, put your skills to work and network along the way.


Is this event for me? I do not have coding experience.

Yes, we need all skills and talents. Teams consisting of different talents create a richer more meaningful solution. In our workplace we create teams of all talents to work a project. Subject matter experts, analytical skills, coding skills, presentation abilities, the big idea or visionaries, project management, organizers, it takes us all. Bring your skills, join a team, collaborate and network, and you will learn something new while expanding your network and creating lasting friendships.


When and where is Code4PA happening?
Code4PA will take place on September 21st – September 22nd, at HU Harrisburg: 326 Market Street, Harrisburg, PA 17101, HU Philly: 1500 Spring Garden St, Philadelphia, PA 19130, Carnegie Mellon University Hamburg Hall: 4800 Forbes Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15213 and The University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health: 130 De Soto Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15261.


The Pitch date will be on October 20th at HU Harrisburg, HU Philly and Carnegie Mellon University Hamburg Hall Pittsburgh. Click here for schedule by location


What is the pitch date on October 20th?
The pitch date is when teams will have 5 minute intervals to present their ideas, prototypes or model to the judges. Click here for schedule by location


Why the time gap between the September weekend and October?
Codeathons have determined that use cases and datasets are becoming larger and wanted to allow teams time to collaboratively work on further expanding upon ideas and designs and apps.


Why is there a location in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh and do I register at the same site if I want to participate in Philly or Pittsburgh?
Code4PA is working with the well-established civic coding organization Code for Philly, and the University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University and the Western Regional Data Center in Pittsburgh. As part of expanding the capability of crowd souring resource expertise in Philly, Pittsburgh, and utilization of HU technology, this was an excellent opportunity for the Code4PA 2018 codeathon. Registration is at the same link, just be sure to register for your preferred location.


Code4PA 2018 is looking for sponsors that are interested in the promotion of learning, collaboration, growth, and innovation among PA’s network of technical talent in helping to find innovative ways to combat the Opioid Epidemic in Pennsylvania.


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